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Breakout Rooms Extension

Chrome Extension



This extension does not copy or transmit any data to the developer of this extension, nor does this extension copy or transmit data to any third parties, other than potentially Google itself. Your data is your data, and the developer of this extension has no knowledge of your data and does not share it with anyone, other than potentially Google since Google provides these services and this is beyond the control of the developer. Your breakout room Google Meet links and extension settings are stored on your own computer using Google provided Chrome Browser Storage functions.

Google as the provider of the Chrome browser may have access to this data, but if you do not trust Google then you probably should not use the Google Chrome browser in the first place, nor should you even have a Google account or use the Google Calendar or use the Google Meet application. Please refer to Google's privacy policy for how they handle data in their applications and store in their browser. By using this extension you are agreeing to the terms and conditions for its use. Thank you and Enjoy!